October 17, 2009


Well, that's what Papa calls him! We went to the symphony Saturday night and heard Yo-Yo-Ma play the cello with the Atlanta orchestra. Very WOE! He is an example of passion and professionalism...a good role model for kids who need to learn what that combination of talent and "can do/will do...no matter what it takes" makes...SUCCESS! I heard of something fun: an instrument "petting zoo"...which I assume is when kids get to see, touch, and hear orchestral instruments up close and personal...great idea, hey? The next time you see anyone with any musical instrument, ask if you and your young person can take a closer look. I am sure they will be glad to share all kinds of information. For example, Mr. Ma's [yes, he does go by that name, too] cello was crafted, I believe, in 1712! No wonder it makes such mello music!

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