October 19, 2009

Gooder N Grits!

Papa and I ate at the amazing Table 1280 [their street address number!] at the High Museum of Art on Peachtree Street. Now, if you want to see an incredible woman at work, sit in the kitchen bridge area and watch Chef du Cuisine Tracey Bloom! She is the creator of the wonderful recipes served in this upscale, original dining room. It's fun to watch her preside over her kitchen...from the restaurant side of the counter!...and belt out customer's orders in a tone that means "Now and Perfect!" While cute guys in black and white striped caps (I don't know what you call them) hustle and bustle, Chef Bloom had a moment to tell us that she is from Rochester, New York and how much she loves the food "up there." I know what she means because one cold winter's night we were once directed to a home in a neighborhood. It was surrounded by cars, but did not look like any "restaurant" I had ever seen. However, inside, it smelled like Italian heaven and the pasta we had was so good it brought me to tears. So, indeed, does Chef Bloom's Royal Rock Shrimp Logan Turnpike Grits with Maple Cheddar! I just call them "angel grits." She cooks them in cream, I believe, and the maple cheese is magical. I suspect more "secret ingredients," but I don't care what's in them anymore...I just want more! A chef is a great career for a girl who wants to grow up, work really hard, compete with the best, and, perhaps one day, reign over her own domain restaurant. A great chef deserves to give orders! We were honored to be customers favored with a kind word and a laugh from The Queen of Grits! image via Table 1280

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