October 17, 2009

High on the High!

Papa and I visited the High Museum in Atlanta this weekend. There is a GIGANTIC horse on the grass just before you go into the pavilion to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. He is quite enormous and his story as part of the da Vinci story is intriguing! We also toured a gallery of Great Depression-era art and photographs; very interesting. And we bought a book on architect John Portman, so we'd be more knowledgeable when we go to see his exhibit. If you know Atlanta, you know he built the hotel with the blue mushroom dome that once figured so prominently in our cityscape...while today, surrounding super- skyscrapers have turned that amazing blue UFO into a little blue dot! Do yourself, and a kid, a favor and take them to an art museum—ANY art museum. You just never know what you'll discover and memories are surely to be made!

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