August 17, 2009

Last Day in Savannah

We always wait till the last minute to cram in all the things we did not get around to doing when we are in Savannah. Today, it was to Tybee Beach for a couple of hours...we visited the new Bohemian Hotel on River Street, very swank and ate Wassau Sound, our favorite restaurant with a local chef who managed to make sweet potato grits to go with the fresh grouper—yum, yum, yum! Now I have to hit Savannah Candy Kitchen so I can bring Christina, Grant, Avery, Ella, and Evan a treat to eat from the old-fashioned penny candy part of that delightful store where you can see saltwater taffy being made. It seems like I've forgotten something? Oh, yes: to clean up, wash and iron, and pack. Maybe tomorrow?

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