August 20, 2009

Every day’s an adventure at Gallopade!

Today, Paige Muh, my assistant and I did the photo shoot for the forthcoming Mystery at Fort Sumter [in Charleston, South Carolina] book. It was a pretty, sunny day, but we were shooting pictures supposedly set in a snowstorm! We had the main book characters (and my grandchildren) Christina and Grant…but also new book characters (and more grandchildren!) Avery, Ella, and Evan. It was, well, it was a zoo! Lots of fun, but hot, a lot of running around, and a bit of complaining about the need to don coats, hats, and mittens! Still, Paige and I double-teamed them with two cameras shooting at once and the job got done. Here are a few advance shots for your perusal. After the shoot, we all were pooped and headed to Chic-fil-a for a “snack.” Uh, a snack to kids these days is a full-blown lunch, including dessert, but a good time was had by all.

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