August 28, 2009

Haint Blue

Some of you ask what color blue my Savannah door is painted. Well, it's "haint blue," a traditional good luck/keep the bad spirits away color from the Geechee/Gullah culture of coastal South Carolina. Inside, my entrance tile, kitchen counter tops, and other things are in variations of this magical, protective, soothing color. I love it when someone comes in and automatically squeals, "Haint blue!" Haint=haunt...and this blue keeps me safe from spirits of the sad and ornery sorts. Haint it a hoot! PS: I hope to write on the Geecheee/Gullah culture for my ongoing Black Jazz, Pizazz & Razzmatazz series [go to] soon. In the meantime, I shall make Frogmore Stew, a wonderful pot of shrimp, sausage, corn, and lots of spices, an old recipe from this culture on St. Helena's Island, South Carolina. Real Prince of Tides country!

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