August 27, 2009


Canada is easy to visit: they speak English... they also use metric, which means I fear each taxi is going 90 miles an hour... the currency is not in our favor but it sure is pretty... Canadians are friendly... Toronto is 5.5 million folks... very ethnic, more than 100 languages spoken as a first language... however, at nice restaurants or pricey events, I mostly see folks who look like me... every city should be located on water the way Toronto is, with its beautiful bay and archipelago of islands from the ice age just offshore, today a major tourist attraction and sort of a Central Park of Lake Ontario. We can see Rochester (I believe) New York just across the enormous lake; makes you see how refugees must feel to some degree...the hot travel item for local and visitors is a day jaunt to Niagara Falls (the Canadians got the great view, you know!)...loads of unique restaurants with fabulous food; Papa is trying to hit them all...visited the AGO art gallery designed by Frank Ghery, who is from Toronto; it is gorgeous and somehow combines contemporary and First Nations esthetics... First Nations is the Canadian version of Native Americans, only their indigenous peoples seem more vocal and political—I hope to their benefit. We visited the Inuit Museum, which is wonderful, but truly the native art is striking/remarkable/and getting to be quite collectible and investment-worthy; I only wanted to buy about 100 pieces! Today headed for CN Tower (which being from Atlanta I keep calling CNN Tower) which for just a short time longer will be the tallest building in the world until Dubai finishes its new tower which is about 1/3 higher than this 1,000 foot (or meters, or metres?) needle in the sky. I swore we would only do Canadian things, but we got a great deal on Jersey Boy tickets, so see that if you love a rollicking music time (but don't take kids; that Joisey accent is full of four-letter words in this Four Season fiesta!) Ok, signing off from the far north, well really, the near north: Canada goes on and on and on "up there"...wish we had more time!

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