October 12, 2009

Gettin' My Pumpkin' On...

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. (The others are Spring, Summer, and even Winter, especially if we get snow!) When Papa and I lived on the North Carolina beach, October is when the Harvest Moon was sooooo big and bright, when the ocean had this sparkly blue color I've only seen in the eyes of a four year old! However, in Georgia, we have our leaf-turning merits since autumn starts slow, creeps along for a full two months, and so gives us maximum color and crunch for a long time. This weekend, I planted orange pansies with little orange pumpkins amongst them... orange mums in orange pots...and pumpkins of all sizes in every nook and cranny inside and outside. Now, Christina, Grant, Avery, Ella, Evan, and I are just waiting... for that big trick-or-treat night! We can "bearly" stand it!

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