October 1, 2009

Get Along Little Doggie

Well, I've been in Wyoming a few days and ready for it to be my new home! Autumn in the Absoraka is purty dolgarn purty! Bob and I came out for the annual Royale Rendezvous, which is tied to the Buffalo Bill Museum [a Smithsonian museum] and an art festival extraordinaire. We went to a couture Western fashion show, an art auction of Western art that raised more than $1 million dollars for the museum, a Quick Draw, where famous Western artists produced a work in one hour in plain air, then those were auctioned off. We went to a glamorous and glitzy black tie ball (I wore a "feather" dress and purple stone jewelry), and toured several Western furnishing exhibitions that featured creative furniture, lighting, and more all with a serious Western twist...and most outside of my price range! We visited numerous galleries, including a private invitation to a top Wyoming artist's home and studio. We also visited new friends' new home, which they called a "barn," but was a gorgeous home and horse complex... on 2,600 acres—not a man-made thing in sight, just mountainous beauty. Buffalo Bill, of Wild West and international fame, lived in Cody (thus the name of the museum), and the Irma Hotel (the place to be) still looks like them cowboys could saunter any most anytime! And, the truth is—they often do! One funny, thing: a pro photographer making pics of the event wanted to pick a real cowboy for a shot...so he skipped right over the real Wyoming ones and chose Papa! who looked dashing in his check shirt, bolo, tan jacket, cowboy boots, and Stetson! The incredible thing is that the new Whitney wing of the museum has been redone, and if you are an art fan, just imagine seeing real, man-size, original N.C. Wyeth's, Thomas Morans, Remmingtons, Russell's, and more, including the wonderful new contemporary Western art, much of which is homegrown right there in Cody, or nearby. I bought a lot of great reference books for my upcoming book, "The Mystery at Yellowstone," which you can pre-order to get autographed copies! These will ship just after Christmas. Hope these pics tell the rest of the story. This cowgal needs a nap! Yeehaaa, ya'll!

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