September 8, 2009

I need your opinion!

If this blog seems like I’m the “horse’s mouth,” then I really want to hear from your “horse’s mouth” which of the following great ideas you think I should work on for 2010 for kids, teachers, schools, school supply stores, bookstores, etc. If you have time, let me know your top choices. My goal is to give YOU what YOU want! POSSIBLE NEW BOOKS/SERIES: HIP HOP: 60 Hip Hop Socially Conscious, Positive Activities for the Classroom—covering writing, social studies, math, science, history, geography, biography, character development, the environment, and more! It's all just too cool for school! Mimi & Papa's Annual School Almanac for Kids! 365 pages, one a day, with headline news, activities, weather or not, quote of the day, and much more—great for homeroom, to start the day easy, fun, with a laugh and a learn! Plant a Story....Grow a Tree! A unique series of individual creative stories or poems (tied to the curriculum) that offers an enriching read-a-loud, but also, is printed on seed-implanted paper, so the class can then "plant the story" and, yes, grow a tree! Grow environmental consciousness while you grow young minds! STORY STARTERS: A big book of original stories, poems, songs or other high-interest read-a-louds tied to major curriculum subjects. All kids like a fantastic "blow me away" story to get interested in school subjects. Seems like it would be a great teacher or home school reference. HISTORIC TRAILS MAPS! Six student use maps of America's standards studies historical trails. All they need to know on one clear, easy to understand and use sheet. Sold in packs of 30. Oregon Trail packs, for example. A JOB A WEEK! A great resource book for teachers to use to introduce a possible future job/career to students. One idea a week covers traditional, future jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Each job page has a component for students to fill in. Great to correlate what we learn in school with why we need to learn it. 40 reproducible A Job a Week pages! What was that CIVIL WAR thing all about? A rack of books and other educational materials to help teachers help students understand the War Between the States. Includes a variety of high-interest materials with intriguing titles and a variety of formats to draw students effortlessly into this standards-based study of a difficult time in our history. FIRST GIRL A new series by Carole Marsh! Mary America: First Girl President of the United States Columbia Last name: First Girl Colonist on Mars and YOU suggest the third "First Girl" title!___________________________

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