August 10, 2009

Work! I LOVE it!

If your kids went back to school today, good luck! Ours in Peachtree City did—much to their dismay... Today, I am working on Fort Sumter, in anticipation of a trip to Charleston on Wednesday. I think it's always a challenge to explain "war" to kids, and one where "brother fought brother," as they say, is especially difficult. I always do a Teacher's Guide to go with each mystery because the mysteries are supposed to be fun, educational, but there's still a lot to tell. This book, I'm also doing a new Educational Packet. What will it be? Good question! I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out, but I know it will have lots of useful tools, info, etc. that you won't find in any other batch of ed stuff on the Civil War! Back to work!

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