August 25, 2009

On Any Given Saturday...

Choices, choices! Bob and I were invited to TWO FAT FARMERS [great name, hey?!] for an artsy event where writers, artists, singers, dancers, and other such types were able to visit, meet and greet, and have "head shots" taken for their portfolios. This was the great idea of Gregg Adams and his wife Wendy. Peachtree City, and indeed, the southern arc of Atlanta is a hotbed of great talent! My good friend, Marilyn Haas (a graphic artist) has a son who has been a "star" since he was born! He did the voice over for an educational CD we did, years ago, has been in TV, movies, and comedy clubs, and is headed now to California to college and the Big Time! The 17-year-old daughter of my piano teacher, Tammy Kimball, has just signed a Nashville recording contract to sing songs that go in a new, unique line of greeting cards! Wendy (mentioned above) is active in the Legacy Theater which is the South side's own little Broadway theater! My friend Andre DeLorenzo has a great email newsletter that keeps us all posted on the artsy goings-on in and around our area. Maybe other places are just like Peachtree City, but I don't think so? Truly, artists, writers, singers, dancers, and more are a dime a dozen around these parts...and all exceedingly talented, capable and worthy of national note. Some, like my friend Mandee Kulaga, is a marvelous singing talent. Why, right here in our own Gallopade publishing offices, we have folks like Denise Morris, a sales representative, can sing like a songbird, and often does!

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